Meadow Heights Knowledge Fair

"The knowledge you want to share with others!"

Pick any topic you are interested in... Here are many ideas:



  • Leaf collections
  • Scientist Biography
  • Which paper towel is the strongest? 
  • Can music impact plant growth? 
  • Why do batteries emit electricity? 

Science & Engineering: 

  • Imagine new technology
  • Review your favorite technology - trains, planes, spaceships, computers
  • Favorite architecture/structure
  • DIY catapult or simple machine
  • Your own structure/Lego project
  • Describe how germs are spread. 
  • Describe energy. 
  • Build a robot. 
  • Explain how magnets work. 
  • Describe the solar system. 
  • Tell us all about your favorite animal. 
  • Describe the kinds of rocks. 
  • Describe the water cycle. 
  • Explain the differences between climate and weather. 
  • Describe viruses. 
  • Describe the types of bridges. 
  • Take apart something mechanical (with your parents permission) and explain how it works. 

English Language Arts: 

  • Display poems you’ve written
  • Tell about a popular author 
  • Review of a favorite book 
  • Review of a favorite character
  • Explain the different parts of speech
  • Describe common story genres
  • Describe the parts of a plot
  • Describe the common kinds of poetry
  • Describe journalism


  • Share multiple ways to solve the same problem. 
  • Explain measurement.
  • Explain the kinds of three-dimensional figures. 
  • Explain how to collect and display data. 

History & Social Studies: 

  • Describe a community worker and what they do (ex. What does a firefighter do?)
  • Review of a Historical Figures
  • Review of a Historical Event
  • Explain how to be a good friend. 
  • Explain the causes of World War I. 
  • Share how the Ohlone lived on this land pre-1700. 
  • Tell us about a change maker like Cesear Chavez or Martin Luther King. 
  • Describe life during the Industrial Revolution. 
  • Describe the customs in another country like Japan or Guatemala. 
  • Describe the Mayan civilization. 
  • Teach a language and share the regions that the language is used

Computer Science and Coding: 

  • Create your own app or computer game
  • Explain basic algorithms and programming 
  • Explain conditional statements
  • Explain how to create a web page. 
  • Explain how a 3D printer works 

Art/Art History: 

  • Create your own art (drawing, painting, sculpture)
  • Describe your favorite art piece/genre.
  • Favorite Artist Biography
  • History of Music
  • History of Movies 
  • Explain and show which colors mixed together make secondary colors. 
  • Show how to draw something step-by-step
  • Choose and describe one of the major art movements and explain it: Cubism, Futurism, Impressionism, Surrealism, etc.
    • What is it? Where did it come from? Who are the most popular artists of the movement? 


  • Music theory. 
  • Music history (ex. The history of jazz)
  • Music genres. 
  • Write a song. 
  • Explain how to read music. 


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