For Meadow Heights families, who are looking for a community devoted to ensuring students have access to a well-rounded school experience, look no further than the Meadow Heights PTA. With the assistance of volunteers and donors bridging the gap between district & state funding, we sponsor special programs such as Lego Lab, Art, Music, field trips, school & classroom supplies, in addition to advocating for our student body through both administration and legislation. Our devoted community and the funding of special enrichment programs are what make Meadow Heights a distinct choice. We are grateful to have you as part of our community! 






The Meadow Heights Elementary School PTA is a devoted team of families, staff, and neighbors, who strive to elevate learning to new heights and enrich the lives of our students. By bridging funding gaps, enhancing student education, and building an engaged community, we aspire to develop confident, well-rounded learners.